Yuzo Kondo was designated a living national treasure and left a remarkable legacy to Japanese ceramics. He was born in 1902 on the very site of this memorial museum, just outside the gate of Kiyomizu Temple.At the age of 12, he entered the training facility of the Ceramics Laboratory to learn to use the potter's wheel.It was there that he met Kanjiro Kawai and Shoji Hamada
Starting when he was 19, he spent three years as an assistant to Kenkichi Tomimoto in Nara.
He established his own studio in the same area when he was 22. There he devoted himself to refining his artistic vision and perfecting his technique.
Thus he was able to reach new heights in his work and gained a reputation as the finest master of the blue and white porcelain known as sometsuke.
Every man's way of thinking and character owe a great deal to his environment.
We hope that every one who has joined us today will gain a deeper understanding of Yuzo
Kondo a man and artist through the works on display and the memorial museum itself.